VAPMOR is a premium contemporary electronic cigarette brand, focusing on quality with a touch of elegance. We develop products for people on the journey from cigarettes to smokeless alternatives, providing suitable options for every step along the way. 

The VAPMOR brand was formally launched in October 2018, backing by one of the largest and most experience manufacturers in the e-cig industry. Although VAPMOR is a young brand, our company DNA embodies the excellence in craftsmanship, quality, and innovation.

VAPMOR’s R&D team has over a decade of experience researching, developing, and producing quality vapor products. We believe in continuous improvement, innovation, and safety. That’s why we’ve set up one of the most rigorous quality control processes in the entire industry – to ensure a consistently excellent user experience across all our products. 


VAPMOR stems from the word “vapor” and reflects our mission to give smokers a full range of products to assist them on the journey from combustible cigarettes to smokeless alternatives. VAPMOR reflects our desire to see a world with less smoke and more vapor. 

The VAPMOR Commitment 

Responsibility is always on VAPMOR’s mind. We show that we care by innovating and continuously improving our products. We manufacture with materials that are specifically chosen to avoid harmful chemical reactions. Child safety features are designed into all devices to prevent exposure to e-liquid. Every product goes through a rigorous QC process before getting to you. Our goal is to make products you love. 

Our Mission

Inspiration– inspire and provide an alternative lifestyle for smokers and vape lovers.

Innovation– user-centric approach towards introducing innovative technology. 

Improvement– always on the road to improve and develop life possibilities.